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An Uncommon Purpose: A Glorious Past, A Brilliant Future: The Campaign for VMI was undertaken to ensure that the Institute would have the financial resources necessary to accomplish its singular mission of preparing its cadets to be honorable and resolute citizen-soldiers. To do so, the campaign sought gifts and commitments for a wide variety of programs on Post, each of which is a vital component of the extraordinary VMI experience.

Strengthen Academics,
Expand Opportunity

The extraordinary education through which VMI prepares cadets to be citizen-soldiers is centered on its strong academic program. The campaign, therefore, set out to raise funds to sustain its excellence. In tandem was a goal to increase scholarship support to ensure that deserving young people have the opportunity to attend the Institute. Donors gave or committed $182 million in support of these goals, including $35.4 million to establish new academic-related endowments and current gifts of $22 million to establish new merit- and need-based scholarships.

Prepare Leaders

Since 1839, VMI’s military system has helped cadets develop into citizen-soldiers of resolution, honor, and ability. To preserve this tradition and advance VMI’s mission to provide our country with strong, principled leaders, one of the goals of An Uncommon Purpose was to increase the support of all Corps Life programs, including extracurricular activities, the Chaplain’s Office, and club sports. Donors gave or pledged more than $9.2 million to meet this goal.

Support the Team

For almost 150 years, intercollegiate athletics have been integral to the Institute’s life and culture. While developing a winning tradition is a consistent goal of VMI athletics, so is shaping character, competing honorably, and forging stronger bonds within the VMI Family. Strengthening VMI’s athletic program was a principal objective of An Uncommon Purpose. Alumni and friends committed $75.1 million in support of the Institute’s cadet-athletes, coaches, and staff members. This includes nearly $24 million in immediate gifts that established 59 new athletic scholarships.

Preserve Our Legacy

Spanning more than 175 years, the Institute’s history is a rich and colorful one, and its alumni have made many extraordinary contributions to our country. Raising the funds necessary to honor and preserve the Institute’s history and to tell it through the Stonewall Jackson House, the VMI Museum, and the New Market Battlefield, therefore, was an important element in this campaign. All told, alumni and friends gave or committed $16.3 million to support legacy programs.

Believe in the Mission

Unrestricted giving is vital to the Institute because these funds help ensure the progress of the academic and co-curricular programs that give VMI its extraordinary character—and a well-earned place among the nation’s top colleges—but also pursue initiatives that promise to improve VMI’s extraordinary education. Recognizing this ongoing need, alumni and friends provided more than $61.3 million in unrestricted gifts and commitments including $7.5 million to create new unrestricted endowments.